Questions for Christmas 

Do we really need Christmas to be reminded of our families ?

Where are they all the rest of the time over the year ? 

Do they get more important around special occasions ?

And is it not time to remember to take care of anybody surrounding us?

Questions might not help to get us out of the bed in the morning, but at least you know what you’re getting up for, when there is just one of all this millions of questions answered. Keep on asking what it is all about. 

Whitebaiting Hokitika – Birds


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Here are some of the other birds you´ll meet on the river. Early in the morning, when it is still dark the first lot of birds starts waking up and starting their day. After a while others follow until every one has been flying out. Well the Weka comes for a noisy around and has a look, what have you got. So does it happens that your freshly brewed tea gets tipped over, because the cup just looked to attractive. Other times your food is gone until you realise even an open car door is an invitation for a Weka to have a good inspection at your car. Very lovely birds, a nearly as clever as whitebait, a delicacy for all of us.

Whitebaiting Hokitika River – Structures Part I

The whitebait season on the westcoast in New Zealand starts on the 1st of September and ends at the 14th of November.

For all that time there are mainly three types of fishing: on a stand, with a socknet or with a scoopnet. Talking to all the whitebaiters is absolutely phantastic. Some of them won´t tell you their name, which is in Kiwi manners to say: “fair enough”. Others are very open and helpful. Another myth goes around about the catches. One day a fisherman told me he got roughly 10 kg, well some hours later at the fish and chips shop the same guy caught already 120 kg, just awesome.

To all the fisherman, friends and souls I met my greetings and my respect. It is not all about the fishing, but about the time when man can stay on the river to fish and keep their wifes a little space. It is a world and its self and with every tide and all the water which drains you, as the wind and the sun does, a day being outside and doing what has been a part of life since generations.

Thank you Tangaroa, that you allowed us to take some of your children home.