Spring Photo Shoot


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Welcome the beauty of spring!



Akaroa Waters

Going on a cruise, or taking your own boat out on the ocean is one of the highlights to do, while visiting the Banks Peninsula. Going for a dive, watching the birdlife on the shore and the wildlife in the ocean, surely many surprises wait for you. From seals, to the blue penguin or the rare hector dolphines, on a day you come across one of these species, your day fullfills itsself with joy for a lifetime.

Patupaiarehe + mountain fairy tribe


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The mountain fairies tell many different stories, looking up the internet you´ll find all sorts of descriptions. However what has been fascinating me was the fact that we still can feel them, even so we might not see them. One of the known homes of the Patupaiarehe is Otepatotu. The mountain top reachable from the car park in less than 1 hour through wild forests. Taking one step after the other and reaching into the wilderness takes you immediately away from the hectic world. On top the open area leaves you breath taken and it widens up again, looking from the mountains to the sea. Back to the fairies, imagining that they have been trolling around in this area, what a playground? They could hide on stormy foggy days and hide between the rock faces.

Onuku + Uenuku + Ōuenuku


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One place + many meanings, while a spoken language had to get written down.

In honour to the Maori language and about the place we live in.

Uenuku 1. (noun) rainbow.

nuku : 1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to move, shift, extend

“Ōuenuku and Ōkoro were also good nights for eeling.” Source:Maori dictionary